Privacy Policy

Connect stores any data you give it, including post content, post comments, and more. We do not collect any data that is not directly used with the bot.

Information You Give Us

We may ask for items such as your birthday, your gender, a username, a display name, and a custom password of your choosing. Connect stores these items in a database, and the password is safely encrypted to prevent easy access to user accounts if there were to be an emergency. We also collect any data given to use via commands such as post. All of this data simply gets stored in a database. None of your data ever gets sent to third parties or similar. Please remember that Connect community moderators and staff will never ask for your password. Personal Information We May Ask For:
  • A Birthday
  • A Gender

Information Collected Automatically

Some information we may collect automatically to make your data easier to access inside of databases or an easy way to link accounts and posts to a certain user. Data We Collect Automatically:
  • User IDs assigned by Discord
  • User Profile Pictures
  • Discord Usernames and Discord Tags (Only in the event of a critical error)
Connect does not control the content inside of posts, usernames, display names, comments, or other forms of media controlled by users in the app. The only time we are to delete a post is if the post goes against our Terms of Service.
Last modified 1yr ago