Permissions Breakdown

What is Connect doing with the permissions you give it?
You may be trying to invite Connect to your server and notice all of the permissions the bot wants, and you think to yourself: why does the bot need these permissions? This guide is here to answer that, so you don't have to worry.

View Channels

This one is simple. It's so the bot can view the channels that you're running the commands in. Without this, the bot wouldn't be able to see your commands.

Send Messages

This one is also simple. The bot won't be able to respond to your commands if it can't talk.

Manage Messages

This certainly isn't required, but it does help keep channels clean. When creating a post, an account, or a comment, Connect will delete all of the messages. This way, instead of flooding the channels, there's only about 1-2 messages on screen at a time.
This permission is so the bot is able to send embeds. This is an essential part of Connect, as most of its commands use embeds.

Attach Files

The attach files permission is just a safety measure, really. If in the future, we decide to have Connect send files in the chat (which is likely), you won't have to edit the bot's permissions.

Read Message History

This is so Connect can actually see the messages being sent. Without it, Connect wouldn't be able to get any command data.

Use External Emojis

This permission is so Connect can use the custom emojis from the official Connect support server.

Add Reactions

This is so Connect can, well, add reactions to a message.